Our story

My boys, my treasure... how I keep them safe

As a nurse, I have always been passionate about contributing to keeping people safe. As a mom of four boys, two of which have multiple food allergies, it’s a daily struggle to keep them safe.

I was inspired to write a book to create awareness of different food allergies. MyKeepSafe book includes a 3 step approach to keeping kids safe:

  1. Prevention
    • Interactive learning
    • Sticker kit
  2. Recognition
    • Wristband
    • Allergy Poster
  3. Reaction
    • Allergy Plan
    • Medication bag

This 3 step approach will help identify the foods they are allergic to, the symptoms they may experience and a plan of action to go by in case of an emergency.

MyKeepSafe book is the perfect book for awareness and prevention with an interactive rhyming book covering the top 13 food allergens and a plan of action in case possible symptoms occur.